General Ppc To Boost Online Promotion – Innovation In Digital Marketing

In the communication age, when your life is measured in nanoseconds, market awareness and promotional activities need to be faster. Although, to avert the effect of economic slowdown, corporates are cutting down on the advertisement budget; but, the dot com platform is giving seamless impetus to the investors to promote products and services in various modern ways. Over the time, internet giants have tried and brought many such methods, but the pay per click model of Google has maintained a steady growth in internet advertising system. This system of internet advertisement is also, known as the cost per click, which uses the direct traffic of websites and search engines.

Rules of promotional engagements

Here, the advertisements appear in agreement with the web or search content type, advertisement content type and the type of its target audience. There are two payment models in the cost structure, where for search engines, the advertisers bid over the keyword phrases that align them to the target audience, and for the content sites a fixed price per click scheme is used. Advertisements are mainly the banner ads, which are found in the websites. It was the technical evolution from the days of cost-per-thousand impressions to the package of Google Adwords that made pay per click famous in 2002. This allowed the advertisers to create ad texts for placement in search results.

Online advertisement scenario

In the present market scenario, the major pay per click providers are ValueClick, adMarketplace, and adknowledge, acting as the alternative providers to the Google’s Adwords and Microsoft’s AdCenter. However, to throw a healthy challenge to the Adwords, Microsoft and Yahoo, jointly introduced the pay per click service, called Adcenter. It populates Ad text and banner through the Microsoft search engine support of Bing. Here, the vantage point is when people will click the economical Ads, there will be low cost per impression and high pay per click, which can be justified as pay-per click = advertisement cost ÷ number of clicks. Thus, the purpose of generating clicks in Ads meets its requirements aptly by pay per click, with the quality and advertisement positions, which creates the effect in click-through rates and the overall result.

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