Does your ‘IT Guy’ handle your Marketing?

We live in a Digital World and this affects every aspect of our live as well as the way we run our business. Especially the marketing of the business. It would be somewhat incorrect to address this as ‘Digital Marketing’, but rather as ‘Marketing in a Digital World’.

Before we go further I would like to ask you – would you leave the marketing of your business in the hands of the ‘IT Guy’?

If your answer to the question above is a definite ‘NO’, then why do so many businesses out there make this exact mistake? The moment they hear about a product or service that references either their company website, email or anything related to the digital presence of the company, their immediate response is – ‘Talk to our IT Guy’?

Sure, your ‘IT Guy’ may be good at fixing your computer, making sure you can send and receive your emails on your phone and tablet and even making a few changes to your website when you require and instruct him to do so, but can he actually run your businesses marketing digital marketing campaign efficiently?

The answer is ‘NO’. He is still just an ‘IT Guy’ – he might even be an IT Guru, but when it comes to marketing decisions most ‘IT Guys’ do not possess the required skill, knowledge and expertise to ensure your business has a good return on investment when it comes to the marketing techniques in our todays digital world.

As a business professional you need to be able to understand and carefully separate marketing aspects from computer faults or your business will suffer from incorrect decisions which would be a result of leaving a marketing task in the hands of a computer specialist. After all, you wouldn’t ask your company driver to fix computers unless he is qualified to do so, would you?

The questions to ask yourself would be the following – ‘What is the purpose of the task and what is the goal to be achieved?’. ‘What department would this fall under?’. And finally ‘Does the person being assigned a responsibility have the correct skill set to handle the task?’. Once you have been able to successfully answer the above questions, you will be able to pick the correct person for the job.

So, does your ‘IT Guy’ handle your Marketing?

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