Why is SEO Important

Correctly done Search Engine Optimization has the potential to sky rocket a businesses customers and profits. Let us take an example. Let’s say you own a guest house next to Stellenbosch University. I have a daughter who studies there and I would like to visit her, but I do not want to invade on her privacy, so I decide to stay at a guesthouse. I go to Google and type in “Guesthouse Stellenbosch”. See the image below:

Why is SEO important

Now, if your website as the guesthouse owner is not on the first page of my search results, your chances of me staying at your guesthouse have just dropped by 50% and if you are not on the second page of my search results it will drop by further 40%. Why?

That is because I do not know what your guesthouse is called and therefore I choose a combination of keywords (in my case “Guesthouse Stellenbosch”) in order to find ANY guesthouse that will meet my requirements and as soon as I have found something that fits with my expectations and my budget I will not looks through any more search results.

The above keyword combination “Guesthouse Stellenbosch” is one of numerous keyword combinations that the potential customers of your guesthouse may be looking for. Such keywords may be “Bed and Breakfast Stellenbosch” or “Accomodation Stellenbosch”.

A successful online marketing SEO campaign can bring ‘targeted’ customers to your business. These customers are targeted because of the specific keywords and keyword combinations that we cater for.

In the next section called “Doing SEO keyword research” we will address the topic of how to go about picking the winning keywords in order to get the most traffic to your website, which will result in more customers and more sales.

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