Importance of Keywords in your Content

A website can be viewed as a CV for a business. The website can either make a positive or a negative lasting impression on a potential customer, just like a CV could on a possible employer. No matter how much you pay for your online advertising or how high of a ranking you manage to achieve for your website, if your website looks bad you will scare away potential customers.

For a potential customer your website is the face of your business and your chance to make a first impression. With that being said, the look and feel of your website has little influence of the Search Engine Optimization process as a whole. However, the importance of the content on your website cannot be over emphasised. The content of your website needs to be directly in-line with the keywords and keyword combinations that you chose to optimize for. Without a structured content on your website your website will fail to achieve high page ratings and be on the first page of the search engines ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ search results.

Aligning your keywords with your page content is not an easy task and sometimes requires a complete overhaul of your website’s design. Aligning your keywords to your page content however will lead to great return on investment when performing SEO of your web page.

Let’s take an example of aligning content to your keywords. If you are going to be targeting the keywords such as “Dry Carpet Cleaning” as well as “Office Cleaning Services” it is a good idea to have a separate page within your site that has content around each of the above keywords respectively. You could for instance have a Menu item such as “Cleaning Services” and submenu items “Dry Carpet Cleaning” and “Office Cleaning Services”. Search Engines such as Google will see these pages as very relative material to the people that do searches on the above keywords and is likely to give your site a higher rating than that of your competitor that lists all their offered services on a single page in their website. Please see the image below as an example of miltiple pages with each of them being dedicated to only one specific topic:



Amazing IT Website Menu

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