SEO Hosting

SEO Hosting

Revolutionizing the SEO Industry

SEO hosting is a completely unique offering by AIMWEB Global Web Solutions. We are just that confident that we will get you to the front page of Google. Through our experience in the field of SEO we have noticed a certain pattern among companies that we have approached. Let us paint a few scenarios:

1. I receive 5 calls every week from SEO companies and all of them promise to get me on the front page.

2. I have been with an SEO company before and it was a complete waste of my money.

3. I do not believe that SEO works as I have spoken to some people about it and all of them have advised me against it.

4. It just costs too much, I can’t afford it.

Sounds familiar? Our poor sales reps are faced with these responses on daily basis. SEO companies of a somewhat shady origins have really destroyed the name of SEO in the market. But we think we can change all this.

We are here to make a statement. With SEO Hosting: “YOU DO NOT PAY US UNTIL YOU ARE ON PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE”.

It’s true. AIMWEB will not charge you a cent for our SEO work until your website ranks on Page 1. Surprised? Well we have more surprises coming your way. A lot of SEO companies fail to achieve rankings because of the fact that the client’s websites are not SEO ready. They simply don’t cut it for the front page of Google and all their efforts to get you to that “page 3” (hopefully) are for nothing. For goodness sake, who goes to page 3?

So here it comes. We will also re-vamp your existing website OR create a brand new website up to the value of R8000 free of charge in order to ensure that your website is worthy to shine on page 1 of Google. Rest assured, our web developers only build website with front page of Google in mind, anything less than that is not an option.

Sounds too good. What’s the catch? Well, there is none. You host your website with us at a low monthly premium of R149, a once-off setup fee of R650 for domain registration, transfers and admin costs and you only pay for the SEO once your website ranks on page 1 of Google for a predefined keyword. Nothing more, nothing less. Transparency, honesty and integrity is the way we like to do business.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. We want the skeptics and the non-believers, we want to rank your website!

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