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The biggest source of organic traffic for a site is the search engine giant Google. That is the why many shady SEO companies try to get undue benefit from it by using black hat SEO techniques to rank better than they deserve on google search results. Such techniques gave results in the past, but today Google has become far smarter. It keeps making changes to its algorithm to weed out spam sites from it search result. But, it is seen that in this process some genuine sites also get affected. It is also likely that they had unknowingly broken Google spam norms and hence were penalized for it. As a result affected sites see a huge drop in the site’s traffic and rankings. Such drop in traffic is definitely a reason to worry about. But, there is a solution for every problem. To get your old ranking back, you can invest in guaranteed SEO services from a reputed SEO service provider.

One thing that you should understand when hiring such services is that search engine optimization has the ability to influence search engine results but it doesn’t have a 100% control over it. So, an SEO consultant offering you such services can only promise you to do their best in order to improve your site’s ranking on search engines. A good SEO expert can definitely achieve great results if they thoroughly analyze your site, understand your business motivation and target audience. SEO is an ongoing process and will not deliver you results over night. In fact, the results make take a couple of months to show. So, make SEO a part of your company’s long term strategy. Also the SEO consultant who will work to improve your online visibility should be talented and knowledgeable. Only then you can hope to derive the benefits of a guaranteed SEO service from a reputed SEO service provider.

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