Leading High Quality Traffic To Your Site With PPC

Getting good sales leads to your website is a deep and rich topic for which many words can be typed. It would help then to condense it to something terse and digestible. Let us look at a few primary areas of interest: Targeted Advertising. Call to Action Motivation, Landing Pages and Sales Funnels.


Targeted Advertising

Google AdWords offer various options on specifying who sees your ads. It’s possible to limit by physical region (in so far as IP address associations with geographical areas permit), time of week and time of day. Of course you are already targeting an audience by nominating certain key word and phrase combinations. Display network campaigns have further options such as where they appear (manual placements or by interest) and to whom based on interest profiling. These mechanisms ensure that your ads will only appear for and thus potentially be clicked on by interested parties.


Google’s Ad Quality ranking motivates advertisers to optimise their ads to be relevant to their market lest they be penalised by lower ad placements, increased Cost Per Clicks (CPCs) or being prevented from appearing. This helps Google as much as it does for advertisers since it keeps all results on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) relevant and useful. What it does for advertisers is hopefully reduce the negative impact of bad advertising methodologies to some degree, although that responsibility still ultimately falls on the marketer’s shoulders.


This initial step is has a huge impact on sales quality and deserves to be discussed at length, but is not the subject of this article. As long as the basic principle of “advertise to those who want to see your ad” is not broken then we can continue to the next phase of generating good sales leads.


Call to Action Motivation

Advice on the wording in an ad often stresses the importance of including a call to action phrase. While that point isn’t disputed there is more to it. While practically any ad can be worded to become more alluring it must still represent the content that it links to, which we call the landing page. If an ad links to a page that doesn’t meet the user’s expectations then it would most likely result in the user leaving promptly. For this reason it’s useful to have different ads that cater to potential customers that are in different states of mind. Some people might be more interested in investigating a service while others are ready to perform an action of value. The latter should ideally be targeted and directed to your sales or sign-up page.


Landing Pages

As discussed above landing pages are partnered with your ads. It would be a mistake to consider any changes to the one without taking the other into consideration. To sum up, be sure that the landing page is what people navigating to it is what they are expecting, and any actionable desires they may be harbouring can be performed on the page.


Sales Funnels

In the steps we have already covered, from audience targeting to customising landing pages, forms part of what is called sales funnels. What we ultimately want is conversions, whether that is a page view, a sign-up or a purchase. In many cases it’s a liability to direct unqualified traffic to a website, as any free or non-automated services that that site offers may be abused or simply inconvenienced. Once we have identified and qualified our leads by targeting and click motivations we have them on our website and wish to direct them to a conversion. Different leads require different sales funnels. People who are already fully informed of your service or product should be treated as such, and not sent to a “about us” or “frequently asked questions” page. Conversely less motivated leads should be informed of what you are offering them before you try to sell it to them. This will engender trust and brand awareness.


Pay per click marketing does not function in isolation and is part of a much larger system. If considered as part of the whole sales process then it becomes clear that it is the first in line of a number of increasingly subtle methods of generating a qualified conversion. If there is any disconnect between these parts then your customers will be the first to notice the dissonance. On the other hand the rewards of a harmonious and streamlined sales generation and sales funnel process can be immense, especially given the inherent customisability of Google AdWords Pay Per Click targeting.


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