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Pay Per Click Management (PPC) with Google Ad Words is easy to setup and just as easy to get wrong. And if you do it will costs you thousand or maybe ever 10′s of thousands every month!

We here at AIMWEB know Pay Per Click advertising inside out and guarantee our clients that we will not only setup their Google Ad Words campaigns in order to maximize the website exposure and at the same time minimize the expenditure, but we also guarantee you that through our continuous monitoring and fine tuning of your Pay Per Click campaign we will achieve the following:

  1. Targeting and Reporting on the best performing demographic locations
  2. Targeting and Reporting on the Customers age groups and preferences
  3. Fine Tuning of Ad’s in order to increase the Click Through Ratio
  4. Fine Tuning of Keywords in order to achieve higher Click Through and Conversion Ratios
  5. Continuous monitoring of Google Search as well as Google display networks and spotting of customer behavioural changes
  6. Maintaining and continuous improvement on Conversion Ratios by following search trends
  7. Full Reporting and Full transparency of the campaign results



AIMWEB will help you reduce and optimize your expenditure will Google Ad Words to increase your exposure and target the right clientele. Start getting new clients today!

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