What Does A PPC Ad Look Like?

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Let us have a look at the structure of a typical Pay Per Click text ad for a hypothetical outdoor gear and clothing store which appeared when “hiking shoes” was entered into a search engine.


 A typical ad for hiking supplies

Within this ad we can see everything we need to know when we’re shopping for hiking shoes and related products. Let’s break it down into its constituent parts.


The headline of the ad highlighted

The headline is the first thing that a user sees when scanning search results. It absolutely has to have the vital details that a person wants to see as it impacts whether they read the rest of the ad. Notice how the word “Hiking” has been highlighted. This is Google’s way of automatically helping users notice relevant results on the search results page. The advertiser doesn’t control what gets highlighted directly, but can influence it by carefully designing their ad campaign correctly.

PPC5Your business website address

This is the displayed URL, or website address, that indicates to the user where they will be sent to if they click on the ad. The actual URL may be formatted differently for various reasons but in this fashion a clean and clear message to conveyed to the user.


Phone numbers are one of many ad extensions

Ad extensions provide a means of delivering additional enriching and relevant information to your audience. In this example it is the preferred contact number of your business. Users browsing on their phones will be able to directly interact with the extension and call it immediately. Other extensions can show users where your business is situated, provide quick links to parts of your website and more.


The text body of the ad, with a call to action

The main text body of the ad has to explain what you are offering the user, a motivation to click on the ad and an indication of what they can expect to see once they have. It is a good idea to use this space to show any specials or discounts that you might currently have. Notice once again that the relevant ad text “shoes” that matched the original search query “hiking shoes” has been highlighted automatically by Google.


Now that you know what a PPC Ad looks like perhaps you’d like to know How will Pay Per Click work for you? Alternatively jump straight to Pay Per Click costs and rates or How do I get started?

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