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To be successful in the web world today, a web presence is not enough. Agreed an attractive website is a must, but it is also necessary that people can find you through search engines. If you are marketing products and services online, then the importance of using the correct search engine techniques to increase the exposure of your site on the web becomes all the more imperative.

Search engine optimization (or SEO), is a process which aims at positioning a website as high up as possible on organic (or natural) search engine results (pages returned by a search engine). The higher you are on the search results the more likely the search engine users are to visit your website.

SEO is aimed at organizing your website in such a way that it meets 100% of criteria of the search engine. This in turn will ensure that your website rank goes higher and that the search engine is more likely to select your website over the others to be displayed high up in the search engine results.

SEO is the process that involves numerous on-site and off-site factors. In order to achieve the best results for the page rank and to achieve higher authority of your website a lot of work has to be put in. Successful SEO involves a lot of effort and dedication. SEO is not a quick fix and is not a short term solution. Search engine optimization should form an integral part of marketing campaign for any company that is serious about having online presence.



We specialize primarily in Google SEO due to the fact that over 90% of all searches worldwide are done through Google. However, improving your websites rating with Google will definitely improve your websites online visibility on all other search engine platforms as well. Search engine optimization is a great investment for any company with very high return on investment.

If you have been looking for a SEO company in Cape Town who has the right SEO skills and have the knowledge and expertise of working on such assignments then AimWeb is the SEO service provider for you. With years of experience we have the tried and tested online strategies which can deliver consistent results for your site’s web presence. AimWeb is one of the premier companies for SEO services in South Africa. We stress on attracting relevant and prospective customer to your web site and for that we have a very systematic and custom designed approach. Our key criteria include Keyword Research, On-site Analysis, Competition Analysis, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Report, Blog Management, etc.

We thoroughly analyze your present site and find out what is limiting your website from doing better. On the basis of this analysis, we design a customized strategy as per which we implement changes. This is done to increase the SEO friendly of the site. The outcomes of the changes are measured and the next step in the strategy is decided. We evaluate out steps from time to time and make necessary changes as needed. Whatever your SEO needs, the SEO professionals at AimWeb can help you. You can also opt for our guaranteed SEO services which mean that if you don’t get the results we promised, you get all your money back. It can’t get better than this. 

Benefits of SEO:

  1. Increased brand visibility
  2. Targeted traffic
  3. Increased sales leads and sales
  4. Increasing your repeat business
  5. Increased credibility and referrals
  6. Build client loyalty
  7. It is 24 / 7 promotional tool
  8. High Return on Investment (ROI)
  9. SEO is the most cost-effective way of marketing
  10. Benefit from increased online visibility


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