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What is Email Branding:

Email Branding is basically an email signature on steroids. It is a patented concept that creates a 'mini-website' around each and every email that you send out. This 'mini-website' has links which take you to the various sections of your website. Email branding is a very powerful tool as apart from looking stunning and giving your business a professional image and building your brand to give you instant reports when someone clicks on any of the links in your email thus allowing you to act quickly, contact the interested party and increase your sales!


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How it works?:

Your email will be sent through a patented server that will in real-time 'build' your professional email branded signature around your email as well crate URL (links) that will be used to notify you if someone clicks on any of the links within your email signature. The chances of your email landing up in the spam folder of the receiver will also be much lower as your email will be sent via a secure server that uses the patented email branding technology, which is recognized by most internet service providers.

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