Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Definition of SEO – Tactics and strategies applied to a website in order to obtain higher rankings in organic (not paid for) search engine results thus creating more exposure to potential clients and driving more traffic to a website.

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What makes AIMWEB unique:

What makes us unique is our concept, our approach and our solutions. If you think professional digital marketing services are expensive and are only for large corporations, you'll be pleasantly surprised. AIMWEB's solutions are targeted at SME sector with pricing to fit your marketing budget.

What makes AIMWEB unique when it comes to SEO:

Our Transparency - Unlike some other SEO companies we do not make SEO sound like something that is too complex for the mere mortals to understand. Instead we go out of our way to ensure that you as our client fully understand what it is exactly that we do and what it is that you will be getting as part of our SEO service. Our Track Record - With over 260 SME businesses and an excess of 900 keywords and phrases successfully delivered to the front pages of major search engines in the past 2 years alone, our track record speaks for itself. Value For Money - We do not charge our clients thousands of rands monthly for our SEO services. Client Zone and Progress Monitoring - We are the only SEO company that boasts a full 'Client Zone' functionality that allows our clients to track their own SEO progress, anywhere and anytime.
Search Engine Optimization

How does it work?:

Google carries statistics that show how many people search for which keywords every month. We have access to those statistics and will provide them to you. We will also help you choose the keywords that are relevant to your business and that will bring in customers searching for your products and services from the web.


Quick FAQ:

Q: What will SEO cost me on monthly basis? A: Our SEO Services start from only R999 per/month. Q: What is included under my SEO services? A: All on-page SEO tasks and monthly updates, link building with high PR & Web 2.0 sites, writing of a monthly articles, posting of the article to online blogs and forums as well as integration of monthly posts to auto-update on social media. Q: How many SEO keywords can I choose? A: You may choose as many keywords as you want, we will assist you with the process.  


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