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Transport Services

If Fast, efficient, cost effective and professional SEO services is what you are looking for, you’re in good hands. After quite some time of poor service delivery of (competitor name deleted) I decided to make a call to this company where a consultant came to see me the very same afternoon. After only 3 months we have seen our website on the front page of Google for 2 out of 3 of our keywords. The very same month e started to get 2-4 enquiries every week and many of those turned to customers. Thanks AIMWEB for good service and value for money!

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Plumbing Services

I take my hat off to the kind of service delivery and offering from AIMWEB. I’ve been dissatisfied with the previous SEO company and never wanted to know anything about SEO again. I thought it was a scam and a waste of money. They managed to prove me wrong by delivering results in only 4 months after signing up. Well done to AIMWEB’s staff, keep up the good work.

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Gardening and Landscaping

After one visit from a friendly professional and a highly qualified technician we were able to compare quotes and services and make an educated decision on hiring AIMWEB to take over our hosting and SEO. We have had good results and the customer service is excellent.

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Day Care and crèche

Front page for 5 keywords in 2 months! This was incredible, as a crèche owner I have to face a lot of competition in the area and now I’m almost booked up. AIMWEB told me I have to wait up to 6motnhs for my results to show, but they managed to get me on the front page for all my keywords in just over 2 months! I’m recommending their service to everyone. Thanks guys!

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Owner - Out of this Planet Catering

Hi Guys

This is great news. I appreciate the work and effort that has gone into getting Out of this Planet Catering on top.

Many thanks and well done. Keep it up!

Kind regards

Richard Chamberlain

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Owner - Streamline Audio

Dear Leroy,

Just a quick word of thanks for re-doing my website.
It looks absolutely awesome! A million times better than the previous one. (hope I’m not stepping on toes here)

I think this is due to the way that you handled the process. You asked me what I want out of it and you listened closely.
You made suggestions and also took some from me and combined everything into something magnificent! The site has only been live for a few minutes and people are already complimenting me... THAT tells me that this is a winner!

Thank you for putting up with all my small changes and doing them so quickly. I know how frustrating and irritating that must be.
I really appreciate all the hard work bud!
Once again, thank you and well done!


Danie Hougaard

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Owner - Gardens Galore

Thanks so much – you are amazingly efficient!
Big like 🙂 🙂

Dawn Mohr
Gardens Galore

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